The following represent a summary of the capabilities of Didriksen Financial

Developed a financial plan detailing a $7 million building expansion that doubled a technology company’s capacity.  Plan included investment requirements by specific project cost element, sales projections out 10 years, rates of return and payback.  Project came in on plan with returns that exceeded projections.

Created product line profitability income statements to enable management to determine appropriate capital investment, expansion commitment and marketing spending by product line.  Statements also used to determine which lines should be discontinued or sold.

Developed internal controls and processes that expedited the closing processes of a manufacturer.  Closing, A/P, A/R and Payroll processes were completed 25% faster, thereby leaving extensive time for analysis and management review and decision making.

Provided a valuation of a technology company including a seven year forecast, terminal value, investment needs and synergistic savings.  Once acquisition was complete, managed the financial aspect of the integration of the acquired company including a transition to a new ERP system and consolidation of the finance and accounting functions.

Prepared a detail budget analysis by department, cost element and expense type for a manufacturing company, including an income statement, balance sheet statement and statement of cash flows.  High, low and most probable scenarios produced, as well as a strategic multi-year plan.

Capital Planning

Valuation and Acquisition Integration

Financial Process Improvement

Product Line Profitability


Specialized Project List


Accounting, Tax and Financial Planning Services